Why choose expensive bedsheets over the cheap alternatives?

When it comes to buying clothes, the material and its comfort level often ranks high for consumers. After all, it’s something that is next to your skin for most of the day. So for something equivalent at night, shouldn’t you look more closely at the bedsheets you sleep on?

Chances are, when looking for bedsheets in Malaysia, some will go for the basics. They think that it is just a protective layer for the mattress but nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than just a piece of fabric to keep the mattress clean, a good bedsheet can fulfil many functions. And as something that stays close to our body for a good one-third of our routine, this can impact us in many unexpected ways - including our sleep.



According to the Sleep Foundation, temperature is a crucial factor when looking to have good sleep. In essence, it’s important to have a lower core temperature to ensure a sound rest.

There are a good number of us in Malaysia who may not want to sleep with the air-conditioner. Having the right kind of bedding material can be a natural alternative to regulate body temperature.

Jersey and flannel are comfortable but too warm for our climate, so cotton is often preferred for its breathability. But cotton also comes in many forms, and aspects like their source and weave matter. For example, Egyptian cotton is often preferred for their longer fibres that make them stay pristine for longer, unlike polycotton that is cheaper because it’s blended with synthetic polyester.

Thread count is measured by the number of vertical and horizontal threads woven into one square inch of fabric, and a higher count usually indicates extra softness and durability due to its density. Lower thread counts are cheaper, but are also prone to holes and snags.

When getting bedsheets in Malaysia, another good option is linen. Though sometimes pricier to cotton, the material becomes softer with each wash and the flax fibre is highly-absorbent and breathable. As the fabric wicks away your sweat more efficiently, it also means you will feel cooler for longer.



One can immediately feel the difference between cotton and silk, so premium materials used for bedsheets can similarly grant more comfort when you lay upon them. There are plenty of mixed-material fabrics that help with costs, but good quality materials are a joy to sleep on.

Naturally-derived fabrics, such as those from bamboo and eucalyptus (tencel) for example, require an extensive process to create - and are thus more expensive - but the result is an incredibly soft bedsheet material that is moisture-wicking.

Silk is an incredible option as well. The feeling of silk against the skin is incredibly smooth, and the beautiful sheen often makes this a choice luxury bedsheet. Malaysia’s weather also works well with silk bedsheets, as it adjusts to your body temperature to stay cool or maintain warmth as the environment changes.



Whether it’s polyester, nylon or satin, chemically-made materials contribute nothing to the bedsheet when it comes to hygiene. The only thing they help with, is cost.

Instead, it’s better to invest in organic materials like linen, which are not only resistant to bacteria but also have a similar pH balance to our skin. This makes it the perfect bedsheet for those with skin sensitivity issues. Other materials like organic cotton are also hypoallergenic - perfect for fighting allergies created by dust mites.

So while it’s cheaper to buy a synthetic material bedsheet, the added protection from natural materials is well worth it for your health.



Cost is a matter of perspective, and when you factor in value from the benefits listed above, “expensive” bedsheets make for a better investment in the long run. Cooler bedsheets mean you don’t need to buy that air-conditioner, or an anti-bacterial one could mean less washes and less medications.

With cheaper bedsheets, you might also encounter issues after a few washes. This could range from pilling from poor-quality short staple cotton, or even worse, colour runs that stain your laundry. And as cheap bedsheets tend to deteriorate faster, it also means they need to be replaced more regularly. So really, you’re not actually saving.



While many may think it an indulgence to spend on a bedsheet for its looks, there’s plenty to suggest that aesthetics do play a part in supporting a healthy sleep routine. As the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, when you come home to a beautiful laid-out bed and  inviting bedsheets, it makes it that much easier to start preparing your wind-down ritual.




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September 08, 2023 — Zulaikhah Omar