Adjustable Bed vs Hospital Bed

The hospital bed is a crucial piece of equipment for people who work in or use health care services. The standard hospital beds in Malaysia are hydraulic, foot pump-operated with flat bases and pullout backrests to make them easy enough even when you're on your feet all day long! If you're considering to purchase a new hospital bed, you may be wondering if an adjustable bed is better than a hospital bed. Both have their pros and cons, but ultimately the best bed for you depends on your specific needs. Here's a breakdown of the differences between adjustable and hospital bed so you can make the best decision for your home.

Is adjustable bed as good as hospital bed?

1. The benefits of an adjustable bed over a traditional hospital bed

Hospital beds can be expensive and require regular maintenance, which is difficult for people who aren't able to visit a hospital often. An adjustable bed allows you sleep comfortably without worrying about alignment or head and feet at different angles, which are independent of each other.

Hospital beds can be a great way to get some sleep when you're recovering from an injury or surgery. However, they may not always provide enough comfort and support for people who suffer chronic pain because of their condition - which is why many patients turn in favor hospital-grade adjustable models that offer more customized settings!

2. Adjust an adjustable bed or hospital bed to make it comfortable for you

Those who have ever enjoyed a few minutes of weightlessness during an airplane flight or practice their zero-gee yoga routine at home may be interested in knowing that there is another way to experience it—and this time without leaving your bed! The NASA researchers discovered how you can achieve floating without leaving the comfort zone.

You can achieve a zero-gravity sleep position on an adjustable bed base and hospital bed. Both the thighs and torso are elevated and aligned. The knees are bent and aligned with the chest, with the head raised slightly above the heart. Once in the position, the body will form a “V” shape.

3. Consider to purchase an adjustable bed or hospital bed

If you suffer from chronic back pain, sleeping in an adjustable bed might help. People who find relief while lying down tend not only sleep better but wake up without shoulder stiffness too! The adjustable bed has been designed to enhance the quality of life in your bedroom, and it usually features built-in massaging capability for head or feet that rejuvenate an exhausted body. The device may come with several settings depending on individual preference so you can find what works best!

Hospital bed is an excellent choice for older adults who need support while sleeping. In addition to having adjustable head/foot angles, hospital beds also allow you to increase/decrease the height of the bed entirely. Being able to decrease the height is essential when looking after mental health patients who may climb over rails and fall out of bed during the night. Conversely, being able to raise the height may be critical for use with Hoyer patient lifts that help in moving disabled patients from a wheelchair to their bed.

4. The common complaints about adjustable bed and hospital bed

With the adjustable bed and hospital bed, you can sleep on your own terms and experience a more restful night. You'll also enjoy health benefits because it's easier to maintain an upright posture when sleeping with less pressure from gravity against soft tissue!

The most common complaints about adjustable bed is that this is not compatible with existing mattress, no height adjustment and generally requires disassembly before transportation.

Hospital bed can be a sore point for many people. Some common complaints include the fact that generally lacks aesthetic appeal and don’t have as many amenities as adjustable bed, such as massage, lighting, alarm and so on.

5. The average cost on an adjustable bed and hospital bed

A brand new hospital bed will run you between RM 1,050 and RM 3,000 on average with some models coming in a little bit more expensive than that. If a brand new hospital bed is too pricey or does not make financial sense for you, you may want to consider looking for a donated hospital bed. There are several charitable organisations and initiatives in Malaysia that help provide donated hospital beds to those in need. 

An adjustable bed frame could costs from Rm 2,999 to RM 5,898. The best way to find out if you're eligible would be calling our store! Bedding Affairs' adjustable bed base comes with Ai SMART Alarm and controlled by Bluetooth App or wireless remote for all setting. Plus, we're offering 7 years warranty, free interest instalment plans, free delivery and free installation!


September 08, 2023 — Zulaikhah Omar