What Makes Jersey Cotton Bed Sheets Unique?

A Look Back at the History of Jersey

The name of this specific textile comes from the island of Jersey. Jersey is the largest of a group of islands known as the Channel Islands, which is situated between England and France. The island has a long and colorful history of human occupation, and also has a reputation for Jersey cows, commonly raised for their rich, creamy milk.

In 1916 Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel sent the fashion industry into a frenzy when she made use of Jersey during a time when it was sternly linked to underwear. “This designer made Jersey what it is today – we hope she’s satisfied,” remarked the renowned fashion magazine Vogue in 1917. “It’s almost as much a part of our lives as blue serge is.”

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What Makes Jersey Knit Unique?

Almost any cotton material can be found in a Jersey-knit pattern. You can see bamboo, Egyptian, flannel, and just about anything you might imagine. The more extravagant the kind of cotton, the more expensive it will definitely be. Jersey-knit sheets are revered more by kids and teenagers, as it gives them a better night’s sleep. The t-shirt-like feel just feels more familiar to them, hence making them slightly more soundly at night.

But lest you believe that Jersey fabric is just recently making its rounds, you’re sorely mistaken as it has been in use ever since the medieval times. They’re that tough! You don’t have to worry about the thread count and it is more common and definitely a lot cheaper compared to other sheets. If you don’t mind its more laid-back appearance, this kind of sheet would definitely make your day.

Here are some other points to really ponder, if you are on still 50-50 about whether to purchase a bed sheet made out of Jersey fabric:

  1. The fabric does not crease. You can rest assured that it will keep its shape when it’s time to put it on straight from your cabinet. And if you’re the kind of person that abhors ironing, you’ll be happy to learn that no such thing is needed.
  2. Jersey is an anti-fade, anti-shrink fabric. The colors retain their depth after long-term use, which means your Jersey sheet won’t start looking and feeling too old too soon.
  3. The fabric is flexible and stretchable without going out of shape. It drapes your body beautifully, skimming your curves, and not clinging to them.
  4. The fabric is breathable, assuring top comfort even in terribly clammy conditions. If you have a tendency to sweat a lot, then there is nothing better than Jersey to keep you cool and non-sticky.
  5. Jersey fabric is machine washable, which allows you to care for your sheet fairly easily.

How is Jersey Fabric Produced?

A knitting machine can be used to produce Jersey since it can make the small, even, close-grained stitches that are linked with Jersey fabric. Like many other knit fabrics, Jersey fabric has a right side and a wrong side. The right side of the material is signified by a series of very small lines that run vertically, and the wrong side has a horizontal grain. Usually, a garment made from Jersey fabric is sewn with a right side that faces out, unless the seamstress is producing a fixed stylistic choice.

Jersey can also be made by hand. Jersey knits are lightweight when compared with other knits and are the quickest weft knit to make. Jersey stretches more in the crosswise direction than in length, may be prone to run, and curls at the edges because of the difference in tension on the front and the back.

How To Choose The Perfect Bedsheets?

It's unbelievable the Jersey Cotton bedsheet is as comfort as your most comfortable T-shirt! The fabric is light weight and very soft and is a very good alternative to regular cotton sheets which are woven. The stretch cotton was first used in clothing like tee shirts where you need the material to be flexible and regain its shape once pulled over your head, regular cotton would not give in this way and would not be as comfortable.

You get good idea of how Jersey Cotton is good for bedding just look at your socks, how they stretch over your feet and go back to their original shape when you take them off no matter how times you do it. So what does the "Jersey" part mean in the product description? The company explained that Jersey is the weave type of the fabric. “Jersey bedding is knitted, like a fine T-shirt to provide a silky soft, light touch on your skin, ensuring a good night’s sleep.” At Bedding Affairs Malaysia, the type of modal fabric Cotton Pure™ use, Xinjiang, is manufactured with high sustainability and ecological standards.

September 08, 2023 — Zulaikhah Omar