How to care for Lyocell sheets?

Lyocell, also known as TENCEL™ is made from the wood pulp using an innovative spinning process. It is environmentally friendly and is non-toxic in its production. Its fabric is often labelled as luxurious and you will know why once you see and touch it.

It looks like a drape and flatters the human form. TENCEL™ is used for bedsheets as well as clothes so it helps to know how to care for this

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Washing and Drying

Check your TENCEL™ sheets for label on how to wash and care for the fabric. Normally, washing the lyocell in warm to cold water is safe. Use a gentle cycle and use mild and if possible biodegradable detergent to avoid damaging or wearing away fabric. Avoid causing distress to TENCEL™ by not adding any hard fabric or any other material with zippers or latch that can cause pilling. Avoid bleach as it will damage lyocell. Softeners are not required as the nature of TENCEL™ is soft.

You can dry the fabric on a clothesline out of direct sunlight or you can tumble dry on medium heat. However, if you are using a clothes dryer, use a low heat setting to prevent damage from high temperatures. TENCEL™ can be softened in the dryer when you add a soft towel on low temperature. 



TENCEL™ does not require any ironing as it is wrinkle-resistant. However, if you wish to have it ironed, you can choose warm or synthetic setting on your iron and turn off the steam. Prevent high heat on the iron as this will damage TENCEL™ and steam can leave spots that won’t come off until the next wash.


Removal of Stain

Some TENCEL™ can be damaged when you rub the fabric together in wet water with stain removers. Oxygen and chlorine bleaches could harm the dye and finishes applied to TENCEL™.

September 08, 2023 — Zulaikhah Omar