4 health benefits of sleeping at a cooler temperature

In hot weather, sleeping at night can be challenging. When you wake up you feel exhausted, your skin feels sticky, and you're sweating.

According to science, your body is designed to sleep in a cool environment, and adjusting your thermostat can improve your sleep.

Is it healthier to sleep in cooler temperatures?

Sleeping in a cooler room has the following health benefits:

1. Deeper sleep

You can improve your sleep quality and even combat insomnia if you sleep in a cold room. The reason for this is that our body temperature naturally drops during the night. Therefore, the metabolism rate slows down, and we spend less energy while we sleep.

When you enter REM sleep, your body temperature drops the most. Dreams typically occur during this stage of sleep.

The process of cellular repair and memory consolidation occurs during REM sleep as well, so it's an important stage, and sleeping at a cooler temperature may promote this process.

Both insomnia and early morning waking are linked to disruptions in the body's temperature rhythm, according to experts.

Adjusting your thermostat between 18-22°C may help your body lower its temperature faster, allowing you to sleep longer and have a greater percentage of deep sleep.


2. Hormonal readjustment

The cool room in which you sleep may help boost levels of two hormones that are crucial for your overall health—melatonin and HGH.

A sleep hormone secreted by the brain to regulate night-time cycles, can also reduce inflammation along with symptoms like tinnitus or gastroenteric pathologies; while human growth hormone produced by our bodies at deep restful phases seems effective against aging signs such as wrinkles on face tissue.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
HGH for short is produced by the pituitary gland in our brain. It reaches its peak levels during deep sleep phase and has many benefits on cell repair as well as preventing cognitive decline!
It's important to note that regulating your room temperature can have an effect where it will regulate both hormones balance out better than before which means you'll be able to feel more refreshed after waking up from a long night of restful slumbering...

3. Weight loss

Those who are trying to slim down, cheers! Sleeping in a cold room can help you lose weight.

A 2014 study published in the Diabetes Journal reported that a group of men who slept in a cooler environment (18°C compared to 23°C in the control group) had increased amounts of brown fat.

Brown fat is considered "good" fat. Your body can use it as an energy source, unlike white fat, which is stored in fat tissue and can lead to diabetes.

Although the study was conducted on healthy individuals, scientists believe that the results can be used in creating a treatment for prediabetes and helping obese people reduce weight.

4. Women's health benefits of flora

Women may benefit from sleeping in a cooler room to prevent vaginal infections.

Warm and moist environments are optimal for pathogenic microbes. Additionally, cooler temperatures inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi, preserving a healthy bacteria population.

So, what is the best way for you to sleep cooler?
Whether you don't have a thermostat system or air conditioner in your home or you want to enhance its effect, these simple tips can help...


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September 08, 2023 — Zulaikhah Omar