Hotelier Prestigio™ Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector

RM138.00 MYR RM238.00 MYR
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Hotelier Prestigio?ade; Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector ensure a healthy sleep zone for you and your family. Protecting your mattress from perspiration and the everyday spills that can cause stains and yellowing. Protecting you from dust mite, mould and bacteria allergens, common causes of Asthma and Rhinitis.

Waterproof, yet breathable, absorbent, soft and comfortable.


  • It layer is soft and comfortable yet waterproof and breathable
  • Protecting your mattress from spills and stains
  • Protecting you and your family from dust mites, mould and bacteria allergens
  • Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Fitted sheet style - fits all standard and extra deep mattresss up to 40cm / 16inches
  • Material construction: -Top surface: 80% cotton / 20% polyester -Laminate: Polyurethane