What To Look Out For When Buying a Mattress?

Choosing the right mattress is important because we spend a third of our lives on the mattress sleeping. But what type of mattress should we be choosing and what should we look out for when buying a mattress?

We share some tips here to help you along.


The first thing we think about mattresses is its firmness. However, when it comes to firmness, we would recommend that you not trust the label fully. Test it out for yourself by lying and plonking your weight on the mattress before purchase, since the comfort level of a mattress is subjective. Here’s more information on the types of mattress to help you with making your choice:

Air mattresses allow you to customise the firmness the way you like it. It allows both bed partners to tailor their half of the bed to their preference though there is a price to be paid for this convenience. Memory Foam mattresses helps create comfort by contouring to your body, and relieving pressures in parts of the body. Hybrid mattresses combine memory foam with latex layers atop an innerspring mattress to provide a mix of softness and support. Innerspring mattresses use coils which gives you the traditional bouncy feel and strong support. Latex mattresses offer more bounce and responsiveness than innerspring mattresses and they tend to be cooler.

Bedding Affairs Malaysia's MattX™ Hybrid Mattress is a mattress providing a TENCEL™ knitted cover that is moisture absorbent and removable for washing. The memory form used is able to absorb movement and the mattress comes with anti-slip bottom non-woven fabric with a zip removable cover.

MattX™ Latex Memory Foam Mattress from Bedding Affairs

MattX™ Hybrid Mattress from Bedding Affairs

Buying Mattresses Online

Buying everything online now is the norm, especially with changes made to several businesses from the Covid19 pandemic. Also, buying from online also means there is no need to stave off any pressuring sales person, you can take your time to choose and online prices are friendly than brick and mortar shops. However, the downsides are you will not be able to test and mattress before you buy it. Returns are also a hassle if the quality and firmness does not meet your expectations. Moreover, you may have to dispose of your old mattress on your own with no chance to negotiate a price.

Thus, before buying any mattress online, make sure there is a display store where you can go try out the firmness of the mattress. Otherwise, be sure to check online or make an inquiry to the online store on their help with disposable of old mattresses and returns policy.

Read Reviews

Go online to search for reviews for the particular mattress brand that you are buying. If it is an online store, read the reviews from previous customers who have purchased the mattress you are interested in buying. Make sure to read both negative and positive reviews and not skip the negative ones because of your bias.

Beware of Gimmicks

There are no medical groups or organisations certifying if a mattress is “orthopedic” or “medically approved”. So, be wary of being carried away by such claims although some mattresses may come with orthopedic friendly features.

Check the Warranty

Ensure that there is warranty covering your new mattress in case it is defective, especially when you find out about the defects after delivery. Good mattresses usually come with a minimum of a 10-year limited warranty. Read the fine print to know what replacements can be made if there is manufacturing fault to the mattress.

September 08, 2023 — Zulaikhah Omar